Thursday 26th
January 2012

John Wilson MGM Thats Entertainment! – Metro

When this summer’s Proms season was announced, one of the first concerts to sell out was Hooray For Hollywood with the John Wilson Orchestra. And little wonder: at his two previous Proms appearances, Wilson had displayed a remarkable ability to combine the utmost discipline and rigour in his conducting of light music with an irresistible sense of joie de vivre.

On That’s Entertainment: A Celebration of The MGM Film Musical (EMI) those same qualities abound and the result is a gorgeous swoopy-sw2oony trawl through standards such as Singin’ In The Rain and Well, Did You Evah? And lesser-known works such as Sigmund Romberg’s The New Moon. The vocalists include Kim Criswell, Sarah Fox and Matthew Ford, and they all throw themselves into the MGM style with passion. With the luxury edition of the disc you get a fascinating DVD about the whole project. That’s Entertainment indeed.